Crystal Ball w/ Triple Moon & Pentacle (3D Laser Engraved-Lights Up)


RE-charge, Re-focus and RE-energize with this beautiful Crystal Power Pedestal piece of art. Uplift your body, mind and soul with the spiritual healing properties of the Moon phases, and the power of the Pentagram. Rebirth and Renewal are yours, now. With Faith, you can make positive changes in your life!

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This unique Crystal Ball w/ Triple Moon & Pentacle represents the moon in different phases of the lunar cycle. Recharge your life, now! You will see that the each moon shows a different phase within the lunar cycle. The first phase represents the moon starting out small which can show new beginnings or the beginning of something new. The second phase represents the full moon with pentacle, which is when you have reached your maximum potential in your life! You have power, you are fulfilled within life,  you are thriving in your work/ personal life, and more. The third phase represents your maturity from previous years, experience, and understanding of life. This moon represents 3 phases of your life. Although one phase might end, you will continue to carry it in your life. Can also help to charge the energy within your home- if you feel that it needs to be balanced. See into your future and charge your gemstones whenever you feel they need it! Have the power of the “moon” around at all times!

Diameter: 3 inches

Weight: 2.20 lbs


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