Destroys Witchcraft Bracelet


Stop worrying about others putting curses, spells, hexes, or jinx on you and your loved ones. Be free from witchcraft at last!


Wear this powerful all- seeing eye bracelet to stop others from sending evil to you and your loved ones. Stop people who are trying to plot against you, now! You will have a protective shield around you and your family at all times. The sender will not be able to touch whom is protected, no matter how many times that they try. Evil seems to lurk everywhere; including our jobs, schools, grocery stores, movie theatres, maybe even at our friends/ family members houses. You never know where you may come across evil/ the devil, so we must shield ourselves at all times. Stop all spells, hexes, jinx, and witchcraft at last! Be protected; be free! 

These strong, elastic bracelets are blessed by Reverend Moses before they reach your hands. Just say your wish, manifestation, and/or personal prayer to bring your desired results to life! 

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