Miracle Healing/Good Health (Eye) Bracelet


Wear daily or as needed to lift your health and your spirits up again. This powerful White Evil Eye Protection Bracelet will help to alleviate those mental and physical troubles that are holding you down.


Stop feeling down and in that rut that you just can’t get out of. Finally get the health and/or healing that you need to live a comfortable life. Helps to protect against, diseases, illness, pain, and more! Can also be used for healing of all mental problems or troubles that may be holding you back. Push through that fog that has been holding you back for so long! Protect yourself from any unseen forces that may be interfering with your daily life. It is time to stop any aches, pains and to get your health right, now! Always ensure that your health is protected and up to par!

*Glass Eye Beads on an Elastic Bracelet


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One Bracelet, Two Bracelets


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