Gypsy King Lucky Horoscope Candle


Use the POWER of the Zodiac to draw Luck and Success! Burn this candle for ANY intention! Channel the Power of your Zodiac sign to see your desires come true. Burn during your Zodiac month with our Spiritual Zodiac Oil (X1568) for Extra Strength!


Channel YOUR Zodiac Sign and see Your Desires come true! Burn this candle to draw on the powers of your Sun Sign. Can be used for ANY intention! For EXTRA Power, burn this during the Month of your Zodiac sign! Can also be annointed with the Spiritual Zodiac Oil (X1568) for EXTRA Power! 

Our Powerful Blessed candles will burn up to 7 days! Simply write out your intentions on a piece of Blessed Parchment Paper (M1001A) and watch your desires come true! For Extra Power, annoint your candle with a few drops of one of our MANY Blessed Spiritual Oils!

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