High John the Conqueror Power Stone


Extra big for extra power! This incredible gemstone blocks out all negative vibrations and evil forces and magnetizes and draws good luck only! Remove jinxes and crossed conditions and drive away the devil. Conquer any and all situations and conditions – no matter how bad! Comes with a free blessed protection cloth and easy directions.


Extra big for extra Power! Brings Good Luck Fast! Draws Money! Conquer Your Conditions!

Incredible Gemstone Blocks Out all Negative Vibrations & Evil Forces and Magnetizes and Draws Good Luck only! Remove Jinxed and Cross conditions and Drive Away the Devil. The stories passed down from generation to generation tell of its miracle power, when combined with the faith in God. Bury outside or keep in your home, car or workplace.  Comes with a Free Blessed Protection Cloth and easy directions.

 For Extra Power: Anoint your gemstone with one capful of Rev. Moses High John the Conqueror Oil (No.X1212- $5.98) once a week.


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