Job/Success Power Gemstone (Citrine)


For finding a good job, getting a raise or promotion, or better pay. Also, to achieve career success in your work life or A plus grades in school. Also, a powerful minister’s tool to draw big crowds. Large 2 x 2 inch Crystal.

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Stories of this POWERFUL GEMSTONE have been passed down from generation to generation telling of its MIRACLE POWERSwhen combined with faith in God.

This JOB/SUCCESS Stone made of Citrine helps you Find a Job, Get a Raise or Promotion on the Job, Helps Give you Steady Work and Keeps the Boss off your back and on your side.

It can also be used to have Success in all matters of your job, career, professional life, to pass exams, for Students in school to get A-plus results, or any other type of achievement you so desire!

Ministers and Reverends place this in their house of worship to draw and pull Crowds of Plenty, as well!

Achieve Success, and become Wealthy and Prosperous!


State your wish or prayer and place the stone in your home to illuminate its powers & achieve success. You can place this on a mantel or shelf or use it as a center piece in your home. Pray to this powerful gemstone before going on any interview, before meeting your boss, or before taking any exam. This crystal will enhance your luck and  knowledge so you can get ahead.

The power of crystals has been used for centuries to find lost, hidden or meaningful things – money, love, success, treasures of all kinds- including answers to your prayers and innermost desires. Crystals are used for extra power when meditating (listening to God), praying (talking to God), doing rituals, Cleansing or Removing Spells or Curses; for Protection and Good Luck, also.

When or if you want to put it away- wrap it up in the BLESSED CLOTH to preserve the power of your stone and put it in a safe place.

*Extra Big for Extra Power!

*Stops Trouble from Boss or Co-workers!

*Achieve Success in Career or School!

*Get a Raise/Promotion on the Job!

*Helps Find a Job & Give Steady Work!

*Helps Ministers and Reverends Draw Large Crowds!

For Extra Power: Anoint your gemstone with one capful of Rev. Moses Job 100% Pure Oil (No.X4216 – $7.98) once a week.


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