Carry this specially blessed Lucky Rabbit’s Foot to bring peace and happiness to you and your home. Stops confusion and eases tension and helps relax nerves.

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This Blessed Rabbit’s Foot is perfect for overcoming any fights or tension at the workplace, in your family, or with a lover. Carry this with you to stop fighting and bring control to yourself in situations! Can help restore energy and passion as well!

This blessed lucky charm can be very helpful in bringing peace, happiness, calm, joy and a pleasing spirtiual atmosphere to your home or surroundings. Eases bad feelings, helps restore peace and friendship and relaxes frayed nerves. 


Turn your Luck around with the Oldest Good Luck Charm – THE RABBIT’S FOOT! We believe that the powerful vibrations of the Rabbit foot will follow you always. Carry this item with you to bring it’s special powers with you wherever you go!


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