Monkey Paw Fixed Candle


Used for fast luck, protection, and to destroy all jinxes and curses in or around you, your loved ones or at your workplace. This powerful item is also a very effective fast money-puller from any source!

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Used for fast luck, and protection against evil in every form. This powerful item works to destroy any and all jinxes or curses that may be lingering in or around you, your loved ones, or even at your workplace! Burn this candle to expel evil and draw luck to you, fast!

The Monkey Paw 7 Day Candle will help you in all matters in your life. Burn this candle for 7 days and watch as it changes your life for the better! No luck in your life? Burn this candle and receive the luck you deserve. No money, always broke? Burn this candle and watch as money is pulled to you from any source. Never be without money or luck again!


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