Uncrossing/Jinx Removing Double Action Oil


Removes all crosses and jinxes with this powerful oil. Helps destroy that bad luck! Use three drops around the wick of a pink candle. Allow candle to burn down completely, visualize your path uncrossed by an enemy. See yourself freed of their influence. This powerful oil will break jinxs at the same time.

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Crossed up? Jinxed? Remove all evil and jinxes with this powerful oil. Works like a charm! Get evil out of your life and be Protected from all harm. One of our most powerful products, the Double Action Oil does a lot of work for you! Use it just as you would any perfume to help you in two ways for double the power!

Before using this Double Action Oil, state your desire and say your favorite prayer. A good one to use could be Psalm 23, for example. Shake the oil well and then at a quiet time apply the oil to your hands & wrist. You may also pour 2 capfuls in your bath water or mop water for extra lucky power!

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