Road Opener KitThis Road Opener Kit (K1504 – $25.00) is used to Bust through any Block that is holding you Back. Overcome your difficult situations with Power and Confidence. Uncross and UnJinx yourself. Turn your Bad Luck around – This Kit will help Open up the Roads to Success, Wealth, Love, Peace, and Happiness.

One of Our Faithful Customers, Deloris from Georgia had lots of luck and help with this kit. She was stuck in a rut a few years ago and felt that there was no hope. She and her 2 kids were on the verge of being evicted from their home of over 20 years. Unfortunately Deloris’  husband passed away before his time and she was left with all the bills and financial responsibilities. She was a single mother with little hope but a whole lot of faith. Her faith and will power kept her going and 2 short months after trying the Road Opener Kit, she was blessed with a HUGE financial blessing. Deloris was not much of a gambling woman, but she was feeling lucky one day and sure enough she was! Deloris had won the JACKPOT playing slots and went home with over $14,000. Today she is still a faithful customer and is still residing in her home – with her 2 boys. One whom is about to graduate from College this Spring! She continues to use the Road Opener Kit from time to time – especially when she is feeling unlucky or blocked.

Thank You Deloris for sharing your experiences, your faith, and your heart. We appreciate it – and hope and wish the best for you ALWAYS! Road Opener Kit