100% success for children oilIt is important to embrace and encourage education and the success of our children. With so many schools closing down all around the country and with so many misguided youth, it is important to cater to the needs of our children. Often I hear stories from many of our valued customers, they express their concerns for their children or grand children. They fear that they are headed down the wrong path, or already have gone down the wrong path.  I am frequently asked by mothers, fathers, and grandparents, on how they can help their children or grandchildren.  Whether they are running in the streets at all hours of the day and night, failing in school, having bad attitudes and are angry, we can help! Luck Shop offers many products and services that can help put your unruly child on the right path! Burn a Triple Strength Blessed/Dressed/Fixed Stay At Home Candle to keep your child from running the streets and hanging with the wrong crowd. This candle is dressed with the finest herbs and oils that will compel him/her to stay in doors and out of trouble! If you need help getting your child to succeed in school Luck Shop offers a  Success for Children Kit – which includes several powerful and successful items including oils, roots, candles, and more with complete instructions on how to use your kit. Use this kit to increase your child’s performance in class, help them focus, pass exams, and be successful in everything else they do! A tip I give to many people who have unruly or troubled children is to purchase a King Solomon Root and a Yellow Carrying Bag – anoint the root with Success for Children Oil and keep the root in the yellow carrying bag. Put this in your child’s school bag and this will provide protection, success, and help them make wise decisions, and keep away from bad influences that distract them from success. For more information on how to get your child or grand child on the right path to success visit our website or call us at 312-332-1634 – WE CAN HELP!