Candle Burning Service

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Introducing a NEW CANDLE BURNING SERVICE Here At LuckShop

Tell us Your Condition(s) from the List Below - Limit 3 - and We Will Burn a Candle Here, just for You!

Rev. Moses & Staff will write your personal desire or wish on a Piece of Blessed Parchment Paper with a Dove's Blood Ink Pen and Light your candle at just the right time, letting the Power of the candle magnetize & super-charge your request with Positive forces & vibrations to achieve MAXIMUM EFFECT!

You may also Burn a Candle for Someone Else - to help them be Blessed - as a Gift to them. It could be for your mom, dad, husband, wife,daughter, son, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, grandmother, grandfather, or Any family member OR even if it's just for a very dear friend of yours.

Whether you are looking to Draw some Quick Money, or Win the Lottery or Hit the Jackpot, Drive away evil or Make the devil run, Or Draw that "special person" close - Now, you have a way to do this with the POWER OF CANDLE BURNING (right at your own fingertips). All you need to do is Pick Your Condition(s) below - Limit 3 - And we will happily do the rest!

 Please email us at, if you have any questions.

Choose Your Special Intention

Pick the condition that fits you.

Mark the box(es) below. Limit 3, Please.
If you don't see your condition below, just write Rev. Moses, and tell him what you want!

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