Healing and dealing with your own stress and depression or the stress and depression of your loved ones can be overwhelming and difficult. Sometimes it is hard to get ourselves out of the funk that does not allow us to be happy. Sometimes there is not a medical reason for the stress and depression but its a negative force that has taken over our bodies and mind. Everyone has experienced some levels of stress and depression at one point in their life – but what if the cause of our stress and depression was the evil doings of an enemy? I have heard many stories of people telling me that they feel a heavy burden or depression that they just can’t shake off and they have no idea why they are depressed.  I offer a few solutions depending on the exact circumstances but I always recommend a spiritual cleansing bath. It is best to soak in a herbal cleansing bath to rid yourself of evil, voodoo, jinx, cross, and bad luck. Removing these things will increase your positive vibrations, energy, and restore a healthier body and mind, and an escape from stress and depression.

Herbal cleansing bathes come in many blends – Luck Shop offers a Lucky 13 Herbal Bush Bath complete with the necessary herbs and roots to alleviate stress and depression by cleansing your body, mind, and soul! An alternative to the Herbal Bush Bath would be a Jinx Removing and Uncrossing Holy Land Bath Gel – it works just like the Herbal Baths only less of a mess! While soaking or bathing in any spiritual cleansing bath, it is a great idea to light a White Healing Candle.  Let the power of candle burning magick work for you – write your name on parchment paper with a doves blood ink pen and place it underneath the candle and concentrate in prayer as the candle burns for you. This candle will help restore health in your body, mind, and soul. It will ease your spirit and bring you peace of mind. After your bath you can anoint yourself daily with Healing Oil – this will help you throughout the day by defending you against the daily stresses, depression, and illnesses that plague you. Many people rely on natural remedies such as Lavender and Chamomile to help ease away their worries. The natural and powerful aromas and healing properties of Lavender and Chamomile are said to help put your body, mind, and soul at ease. Place these herbs underneath your pillow to relax your mind, ease your troubles, and to get a good nights rest. These herbs will provide sweet dreams and positive vibrations.

Whether your stress and depression is caused by the evil working of others or is caused by your daily struggles – Prayer and Faith is essential for healing! You must remember to trust in yourself and keep a positive attitude in order to find relief.  For more information or products recommendation regarding Stress or Depression comment below or visit us online.