Do you ever wake up and have a weird feeling that some way and some how the world seems a bit different? Is it you or is it something in the air? Whatever it is it doesn’t feel very comfortable – almost like a dark cloud of doubt above your head.  These are times when I feel that I need spiritual protection, and fast! So today, as I was stepping out to my car I suddenly got a weird feeling of doubt – like something was wrong or was about to happen. I immediately prayed to St. Christopher for Safe Traveling and then to Jesus for Protection against anything that crossed my path that day. It is important to restore positive vibrations and to clear the dark clouds so that we can continue our days in full effect.  So tonight, I will bathe in a Lucky 13 Herbs Bath to remove negativity and evil that may be bringing me down, this will help lift me back up and get out of that funk! Then I will anoint myself with Eucalyptus Oil to ward off evil and negativity, and to restore positive energy and good vibrations – this should give me a little pick me up too! Look for these products on Luck Shop’s Baths and Oils section to help yourself out of darkness and to give yourself a little pick me up and positive energy! CLICK HERE FOR SPIRITUAL BATHS and CLICK HERE FOR SPIRITUAL OILS.