“Tell these dolls your secret wishes. Tell them your problems. Tell them your dreams. And when you awake, you may find the magic within you to make your dreams come true.” 

The legend and magic of trouble dolls begins in South America – Guatemala. Originally trouble dolls were made by the Mayan people of Guatemala. They would take old scraps of colorful fabric that they used for their own personal clothing and bind them together with twigs to make small trouble dolls (also referred to as worry dolls.)  Each doll is unique and intended to bring relief and peace to those who believe.  The trouble troubles are most often combined and sold in sets of 6 dolls (approximately 1-2 inches each doll.)  The 6 trouble dolls are placed in a sacred wooden box or in a traditional & colorful handmade Mayan bag where they sleep.


Legend says that Trouble Dolls solve your problems and ease your troubles while you sleep. If you have a problem, situations, or are in a need of a helping hand or miracle worker, you would take one of the trouble dolls out of the box or bag that they came in and whisper your troubles into the dolls ear. Then place that doll underneath your pillow and it is said that when you wake up – your troubles will have been solved or handled by the trouble doll.  You may only use a trouble dolls once – once the doll has provided you with problem solving magic, you may not ask for the trouble dolls help again. One Doll = One Request. So you will get 6 Dolls – for 6 Requests or Wishes.

It is important to keep modest and to be reasonable when making your wishes and requests to the dolls. They have been made to give the believer a helping hand – do not take advantage of their power. Be sure to have faith and put your energy into your wishes – FAITH WORKS MIRACLES.