The term Voodoo has been associated with dark magic and evil. So it’s no wonder if someone hears of a voodoo doll they tremble in fear. However, voodoo dolls are just subject to a lot of Hollywood’s fortune to fame. Don’t let the general public’s ignorance of voodoo dolls make you miss out on love, health, protection, and wealth – all of which a voodoo doll can bring to you. You can use these dolls as spell casters for revenge or curses; however, there is a different positive side that exists in this magical world of Voodoo.

Voodoo Dolls Used as a Vessel

Voodoo dolls are used as a vessel or tool in any ritual. This is why these dolls should always be respected because they ‘come to life’ to do the desires of the user’s heart. Positive and negative energies have been reincarnated since the beginning of time, so this magic that flows into the dolls is extremely powerful. Use your voodoo doll as a teaching aid, bind your enemies, create fertility, and so much more. What you put into your voodoo doll will come out towards you or another person.

The 8 Colors used with Voodoo Dolls

As with all magic, there is light and dark. Voodoo dolls have several, ‘accessories’ if you will, of items that can help manifest your will through the doll. The most-popular item used with voodoo dolls are needles, pins, and fish bones. The dolls come in several colors & various color combinations, with each color representing a power.

  1. Yellow represents fast luck & success.
  2. White represents good health, peace & joy.
  3. Red is the symbol of drawing power & strong love.
  4. Purple recognizes spiritual power & strength to overcome all.
  5. Green is the essence of money & winning.
  6. Blue is the symbol for protection, uncrossing & happiness.
  7. Pink represents attraction of good, positive vibrations.
  8. Black can be used to reverse and get rid of negative, evil energy.

Voodoo Dolls Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Life

Yes, you can use a voodoo doll to play practical jokes on co-workers or cause ill to your enemies. However, voodoo dolls can make a positive and rewarding impact on your life. To use your voodoo doll towards your benefit, you would alter the doll as tradition would have it. Your voodoo doll should resemble yourself or the beneficiary. The clothing, hair, style, and particular colors worn by the doll will help emphasize that. Aside from attracting love, wealth, and good health, here are a few other things your voodoo doll can do for you.

Prevent Bad Dreams

If you have difficulty sleeping, your voodoo doll can capture your bad dreams, similar to that of a dream catcher. You can ask your voodoo doll to transform these dreams into a soothing dream. Simply stick your doll on your nightstand or under your pillow.

Protect You from All Losses

Your voodoo doll can be a great protector. It blocks negative energy in various ways, such as to prevent you from experiencing:

  • Financial loss
  • Loss of a friend
  • From getting into accidents
  • From being the victim of office gossip

Have Nothing but Good Luck

Do you ever think someone you know has all the luck? Well, luck may be just a coincidence. Allow your voodoo doll to generate luck for you. They can take the trickiest situations, and turn them into opportunities for your favor or advantage.

Have High Self Esteem

You can build your confidence with a confident voodoo doll on your side. Your voodoo doll can be in the form of your favorite superhero or heroine. Its character should help you become self-aware of your greatest strengths, and help you actualize your potential.

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