This Super Powered Dolls works to help you breakup any two people you KNOW should not be together! Keep them separate and away from each other for GOOD! Can also move enemies far form you!

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You KNOW those two people do NOT belong together- break them up with this powerful Blessed Doll! Work with this doll to separate any two people. Break them up and keep them apart FOR GOOD! You may also use this doll to MOVE your Enemies FAR AWAY! Get them out of your life so you are never bothered again! For Extra Strength, anoint this Doll with the 100% PURE Break Up Oil (X4136)!


Use the POWER of Blessed Dolls when you are Desperate! Perfect for even the most HOPELESS situations!

 How To Use: *Hold the Blessed Doll in your Left Hand, connecting to the spiritual energy of your heart. (If you wish to add a written intention or picture to focus the Doll’s energies, it can be attached to the Doll’s heart using the pin provided.)

*Hold the Doll to your Heart as you say your intention, wish, or desire aloud. You may also say a prayer or your favorite Bible verse (a good one to use is Psalm 23).

*Once you are finished with the Doll, it may be stored in a safe place to lie undisturbed, such as a bedroom drawer, under your mattress, etc.

*This ritual may be repeated once a week. For Extra Strength, anoint the doll weekly with one of our powerful spiritual oils

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