Come To Me Love Doll From Salem is handcrafted to work on all matters of the heart! Use this doll for for drawing love, passion, attraction, romance, affection, and sex.


Perform this ritual whenever you feel spiritually ready, regardless of the time of day. Your doll will last for one year from the date of purchase but can last longer if well-maintained. Use the two provided pins to perform the ritual once a week or as often as you feel necessary. Begin by writing your intentions on the provided parchment paper, using both sides as desired. Fold the parchment paper in half, then in half again. Insert one of the pins into the parchment paper- then insert the pin attached to the parchment paper into the body of the doll. You can stick this wherever you feel drawn to, such as the head, heart, hands, or legs, etc. while saying a personal wish or prayer aloud. Repeat this process with the second pin, inserting it forcefully into a different part of the doll’s body. Focus on your wish for at least 10 minutes during this process. Finally, place your doll in a secure location where it will not be discovered and watch it quietly work its magic! Repeat as needed by moving the pins on the doll around and saying your wish aloud.

Each doll will come with 2 pins and 1 small sheet of parchment paper.

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