Genuine Copper (Cuff) Bracelet (Chakra)


Experience a boost in your physical and mental well-being with our all-powerful bracelet! It will not only provide relief from aches and pains that are holding you down, but also helps to balance your chakras. Embrace good vibrations, keep away negativity, and transform your health with this Genuine Copper (Cuff) Bracelet.


This sturdy Genuine Copper Cuff Bracelet can give relief from Aches and Pains. It is not only great for healing Aches and Pains BUT, Indian legend claims wearing Solid Copper is also known for its spiritual power in keeping away evil and all enemies. Get the healing that you need, keep away evil, and balance your chakras with one easy to wear bracelet! 

This piece is blessed and recommended by Rev. Moses. It carries a lot of strength and provide great results to the people who carry or wear it.

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