Cosmic Secrets of the master of Wisdom; A Final Solution to World Problems


The Magic of the Pentagram Revealed.

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Previously Concealed Inner Soul Teachings of William Oribellow Now Made Public! Rare reprint – With important Newly Secured Revelations. Cosmic Secrets of the Masters of Wisdom: A Final Solution to World Problems. Plus: The Magick of the Pentagram Revealed! 

Since early childhood William Alexander Oribello encountered – and made strong ties throughout his life with a variety of Guardian Angels, Guides and Cosmic Masters. For the most part her never liked to divulge their identities for fear that the “unworthy” might attempt to communicate with these advanced spiritual forces for negative or greedy purposes.

Eventually he did release a special guide to his students titles The Final Solution: Higher Knowledge from the Masters of Wisdom. Placed into limited circulation, this guide contained potent comics knowledge he had guarded dearly. As instructed, Inner Light did producde a limited number of copies of this manuscript which contained Bill’s direct channelings from a cosortium of spirit guides he identified as the Legions of Light. This legion consisted of such advanced spiritual teacehrs as Jesus the Christ, Count St. Germain, Master Kuan Yin, El Morya and John the Master, and members of the Ashtar Command.

The volume not only contained direct transmissions from those who directed Bill Oribello’s work here on the earth plane, but isntructions were also given as to how the ambitious studen could successfully communicate with these masterful beings, seek their advice, prayers, protection and compliance, as well as receive holy compensation that would normally be beyond average individuals ability.

We have revitalized this information which includes a special Invocation Ritual for Reaching Out to the Masters of Wisdom., Secrets Signs Utilized in Such Contacts, as well as even the best time to seek their Knowledge.

We have added to this manuscript material on Pentagram Magick which Bill Strongly felt was a superior symbol of Divine Truth in mastering the Sacred Magical Arts, despite the fact that some tried to put forward the idea that the sumbol was Satanic in nature, something Oribello strongly prostested.

92 Pages  

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