Desire Me/Do As I Say Triple Strength Oil


Get that special person to Desire YOU and YOU ALONE! Have them Obey you so they will Do As You Say! Make them desire you with all their heart- Forever!

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Get that special person to Do As You Say and to Desire you with all their heart! Have them Fall in Love with you- AND ONLY YOU! Make your lover have eyes for you only and treat you right- with respect and passion. Apply on your body, as a perfume, or add to your bath water. These oils have Triple Strength blessings. A powerful working formula just for you! Use these oils when all else has failed!

Use 1-3 capfuls daily on your pulse points, or as you would wear any perfume or cologne. Wear before leaving your home for lasting power throughout the day. Can also be used in mop water, or on top of your candles for extra strength and power!

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