High John The Conqueror Triple Strength Oil


Conquer and Master any situation or problems that have been causing you trouble. Control and Destroy all negative situations or enemies, with High Power!

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Are you facing difficulties? Are there problems in your life you Can’t seem to overcome? GAIN POWER FAST! This High Conquering Oil gives you Triple Power Strength to gain POWER over all of your troubles- No matter what they are! Conquer, Control & Master all negative situations so you gain victory over all situations.

Rub this oil on your forehead and hands. Conquer and Master any situation or problem you may have! These oils have Triple Strength blessings. A powerful working formula just for you! Use these oils when all else has failed!

Use 1-3 capfuls daily on your pulse points, or as you would wear any perfume or cologne. Wear before leaving your home for lasting power throughout the day. Can also be used in bath water, mop water, or on top of your candles for extra strength and power!

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