Uncrossing / Jinx Removing Triple Strength Oil


This Triple Strength Oil has the Power to REMOVE that Crossed or Jinxed condition FAST! Keep away Evil and BE PROTECTED from All Harm & Enemies.

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This Powerful oil is made from a TRIPLE STRENGTH Formula, which has the Power to REMOVE and DESTROY that Crossed or Jinxed condition from you- FAST! Use this oil to Keep Away ANY and All Evil Spirits and Negativity! Keep the Devil FAR FROM YOU! Removes any Spellwork or Curses from you and your family- done by evil-doers, or so-called family or friends- seen and unseen forces- known and unknown people. Get Un-crossed and Un-jinxed, now! 

These oils have Triple Strength blessings. A powerful working formula just for you! Use these oils when all else has failed!

Use 1-3 capfuls daily on your pulse points, or as you would wear any perfume or cologne. Wear before leaving your home for lasting power throughout the day. Can also be used in bath water, mop water, or on top of your candles for extra strength and power!

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