Destroy Evil/Protection Shells w/ Red Bag


Carry these protection shells to protect you from the evil that is lurking in every corner.
Place in home to protect you and your family from harm and evil. Do not be underneath the palm of evil anymore! You Deserve to live your life in peace!

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Long been used in Spiritual and Devine Rituals throughout the World by Ministers, Priests and Master Healers! Contains 9 shells.

These Cowrie shells have little teeth that hurt the Devil and make him run far and fast! 9 Luck Shells to carry or place wherever you wish. Get rid of evil and be protected from all harm, danger, jealousy and from your worst enemies. These Shells “bite back” and Return the evil to the sender-so you will be cursed no more.

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One Packet of Shells with Free Bag, 1/4lb Bag of Shells with Free Bag


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