Double Action Reversible Necklace


This is a 2 in 1 jewelry piece. It turns back anything bad or evil and draws to you whatever you need and want! Reverse evil & Draw good luck.


This is a 2 in 1 jewlery piece. It turns back anything bad or evil and also draws what you need and want: for any conditions: Money, Love, Job, or Family situations Get rid of the bad and get the good! Reverse your bad conditions from negative to positive, quickly.

This piece is blessed and recommended by Rev. Moses. It carries a lot of strength and provides great results to the person who wears or carries this. Comes with Silver Chain.

Reverse bad luck and turn back any evil coming from your enemies or so-called friends – seen or unseen; known or unknown. Turn your luck from bad to good, now!

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One Necklace, Two Necklaces


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