High Power Lucky BINGO Bag


This power-packed bag comes with all of the roots, herbs, and gemstones you need to win big at BINGO! Kit also includes the Lucky BINGO Oil to anoint your bag and a Lucky BINGO Dauber!


We feel everything you need to hit that winning number is inside this bag! Rev. Moses made this bag just for BINGO players to win that big jackpot! Just carry this high power Lucky BINGO Bag with you to BINGO, anointed with the Lucky BINGO Oil, and you will find yourself playing better than ever before! All items are powerfully blessed, dressed and prepared by Rev. Moses. 

This kit includes all of the best roots, herbs, and gemstones for winning big at BINGO! Also included is the powerful Lucky BINGO Oil to annoint your bag, and a Lucky BINGO Dauber!


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