Medium Charcoal


Quarter sized charcoal pieces. Helps make Incense resins or powdered incense burn beautifully.
Comes in pack of 6

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This pack of charcoal comes in a pack of 6. The charcoal pieces are the size of a Quarter. They help make your incense resins (hard pieces) or powdered incense burn beautifully to maximize your spiritual experience. 

Just do the following: Place One piece of the round black charcoal discs on a spoon or grab with tongs and light the outer edges. Warning: The charcoal will spark or “catch”. Blow on the charcoal lightly while waiting a few minutes for the charcoal disc to gradually turn mostly gray. Then, place a spoonful or powdered incense or several incense resin pieces on top of the graying charcoal. Alas, your incense will burn beautifully and you will smell the pleasant aroma, and you will feel the positive vibrations of your sweet-smelling incense.

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