Road Opener Extra Strong Powder


Use this Extra Strong Powder to Draw Good Things and Uncross you! Unblocks all evil or negative energy, and Opens Roads! Draw Quick Success and Prosperity!

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Put some powder on your body after bathing to draw Good Things to you and Unblock all evil! Draws in Success and Prosperity to Pave your Roads with Good Fortune! Uncross all evil and jinx! Have fast Luck and Success with this Extra Strong Powder!

The use of powders has long been recommended for spiritual, psychic and religious works. Many people use them for every day happiness and well-being. Users have told us how satisfied they have been with the fragrance and results. Use powders on your body daily after bathing or sprinkle where needed.

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One 1oz Vial, Three 1oz Vials, One 1/2lb Bag, One 1lb Bag


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