Sage Candle


Introducing our sage candle, designed to banish evil and negativity while ushering in positive vibrations. This powerful candle is perfect for cleansing your space and promoting a sense of peace and harmony.


Immerse yourself in the purifying essence of Reverend Moses’s Triple Strength Sage Candle, crafted to eliminate malevolent energies and invite in an aura of positivity. As the flame flickers and dances, allow the potent aroma of Sage to cleanse your surroundings, creating a sanctuary of serenity and tranquility. Whether used during meditation, rituals, or simply to create a peaceful ambiance, this candle serves as a powerful tool for dispelling negativity and promoting emotional well-being. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Sage and experience the transformative effects as it purifies your space, leaving behind only pure, uplifting vibrations. Illuminate your home with Rev. Moses All Powerful Sage Candle and enjoy the glow of protection and renewal, as it works its magic to banish evil and infuse your environment with an abundance of positive energy.

For EXTRA POWER during your ritual, write your intentions on a piece of Blessed Parchment Paper (M1001A) using the Dove’s Blood Ink Pen (M1005). This candle is already dressed with Sage Essential Oil and Herbs to make it stronger!

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