Stop Drinking or Drugs Kit


“O Lord, please bring me peace of mind and spiritual power to overcome this addiction. Help me bath this terrible problem with faith in God and with supreme will power. Please let there be no more fighting or confusion in our family. Make us whole and happy again, dear Jesus”

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This kit helps addicts break and beat their nasty habits! This kit is powerful and fast working to help you or your loved one stop drinking, doing drugs or even over eating! Find you old self again with out the substance abuse! This is a Specially Blessed and prepared Kit from Rev. Moses becasue he believes in a clean and healthy mind and a drug and alcohol free body!

This kit comes with the following:

One Month on the Rev. Moses Prayer List
One Yellow Votive Candle
Parchment Paper
One Dove’s Blood Ink Pen
One Triple Strength King Solomon Oil
One Triple Strength Stop Addictions Incense
One Three Inch Brass Incense Burner
One White Crystal Gemstone
One Yellow Carrying Bag
One Destroy Addictions Talisman
Easy to follow Instructions

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