To say that 2020 has been a year which has tried our spirit is an understatement. We pray that this year has treated you well, but we have borne witness to much of the havoc our customers and our neighbors have been experiencing this year. Concerns about health, safety, civility, fair treatment, and, of course, the election have weighed heavily on the hearts of people all over the world.

We ask you, however, during this time of change and transition to stop and meditate on all the good we have in the world. Life isn’t all challenges and mishaps. Amid the mess and turmoil, God has provided an abundance of great and good things, and we can be assured that more is in store for us when we project an attitude of gratefulness and thanksgiving.

Be grateful for the gift of today. You have been given this life to live, and you’re doing to great job continuing that gift. Enjoy every moment of it.

Be thankful for the food and drink you have. You have been provided with the nourishment to have taken you this far in life. Do not take that for granted.

Give thanks for your ability to have your own thoughts and feelings. These truly are yours and belong to no other. You are a unique and intelligent individual, and this planet wouldn’t be the same without you.

We are thankful to have such wonderful people such as yourself as part of our audience. We’re thankful for you and people like you who place their trust in us to provide the best possible items to help make lives better for all.

Thanksgiving Lucky Items

As we write this, we cannot help but to think that one way to express your gratitude and to share thanksgiving with those loved ones around you is to light a candle. Three appropriate candles for this season of thanks are:

  1. Bayberry Scented Candle – This candle is specifically intended to be lit for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is intended to change your luck, draw money, and unblock winning numbers while removing hexes and jinx. This candle brings families together.
    It has been written that, “A bayberry candle burnt to the socket brings luck to the home and gold to the pocket.” This candle includes free parchment paper plus a dove’s-blood ink pen, and it burns over 100 hours!
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  2. Healing 7 Day Blessed Candle – In God’s name, burn this candle to get your body, mind, and soul healthy. Ease your pain and suffering. Heal yourself with Candle Burning Magic!
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  3. Divine Providence 7 Day Candle – Any of the following prayers can be said when you light this candle to ask for the intervention you seek. When your prayer is answered, be sure to say another prayer in praise and thanks for the joy you will have received. Here are some prayers to say:
    1. O Lord protect this house from all evil and enemies and any dark forces.
    2. O Divine God, Heal me and Bring Good Health to me and all those who dwell in this house.
    3. O Lord, please lead me on the path to a good career and a good paying job and steady work.
    4. O Divine God, Please grant mercy and free my loved one and prisoner ________ as soon as possible.
    5. O Lord, please return my loved one _________ to me/come home now. He/she is lost and needs my love and help.
    6. O Divine Providence, please grant me my wishes and perform miracles if you can and I will be eternally grateful.

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The Luck Shop team wishes you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving on November 26, 2020. We want to help by giving you a little something to show our thanks and to give you something to be thankful for. When shopping with us for the rest of the month, save an extra 26% by using the discount code TURKEY26 (expires 11/30/2020 at 11:59 p.m.).

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