Advice to Spiritualist & Mediums Kit

This kit is made to help mediums or spiritualist that need an extra boosts in their powers.
SKU: K2030

This kit comes with all that is needed for mediums or spiritualist to boost their powers. This kit comes with directions and instructions on how to work all the items in the kit.

This kit comes with the following items:

  1. Power Oil (X1412)
  2. 2 White blessed candles (C1514)
  3. Mother Mary 7 Day blessed candle (C7008)
  4. Peace Water (A1620)
  5. Master Oil (X1340)
  6. Jinx Removing Salts (A1216)

This are the items that come with this kit, they will help the medium or spiritualist with predicting and seeing things that may happen.


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