To Dress Homes, Places of Business & Churches


Use this kit to bless and dress your home, place of business or even your church.

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Dressing and Blessing your place of business will help to bring more people to spend money in your business.
If you dress or bless your home, all that is prosperous and successful will come into your life.
If using this in your community church, your church will be extra blessed which will have good hearted people into your congregation.

Your kit comes with the following items:

  1. Rosemary oil (X1438)
  2. Ten devotional candles
  3.  War Water (A1623)
  4. John the Conqueror incense (D1060)
  5. Lucky Nine oil (X1312)

Use these items along with the easy to read and following directions / instructions to be able to bless your altar, place of business, your home or even your community church.


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