How to Attract Attention Kit


Use this kit if you are lonely and would like to have some attention.

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Use this kit if you would like some attention in your life. Do you feel lonely and like there is not a soul paying attention to you?
Would you like to feel wanted and popular? Do you see all your friends get the partner they so ever desired, but you are still lonely?

Do not worry anymore, for this kit was made with your feelings in mind.
Use are directed to attain that attention you so desperately crave.

  1. Triple Action candle (C1030)
  2. Candle holder
  3. Altar Oil (X1016)
  4. John the Conqueror oil (X1212)
  5. Drawing Powder
  6. Dragon’s Blood bath (A1111)
  7. Lucky Nine oil (X1312)Use these items to attain attraction and to have great people be attracted to you, and only you.



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