Candles have long been a beacon of light for those wanting and needing inspiration, hope, joy and blessings in their daily lives. The burning of candles symbolizes a path out of the darkness and “into the light”. Candles are often burned to celebrate momentous occasions or to commemorate tragedies. The power of candles is also an integral part of group demonstrations or at rallies for a “greater common cause”. Lighting candles is a Spiritual link to our souls – this act connects our emotions to our physical being and connects us to current events happening in our lives.

So, it is no surprise that people all over the world burn candles for their deepest and most precious desires and needs. The power of a flaming candle can bring power and good “influencing vibrations” for all kinds of situations. These “magical” candles often come in cylindrical glass containers and burn for 100 hours. There are different Color Candles to burn for different situations.

Candle Colors for Various Purposes

You Can Burn:

All Candles can be “fixed or dressed” with spiritual oils and herbs and glitter, for extra power. You may also write your personalized and special request on a piece of parchment paper with a Dove’s Blood Ink Pen and place it underneath your candle before you light it at a quiet time.

Concentrate on your desires and let the power of candles work for you!

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