Cleansing Brooms (3)


Wear the cleansing broom of your choice, to Cleanse you of all bad luck, curses, spells, and jinx on you.
Red to conquer love problems!
Purple to conquer all health problems!
Green to conquer all money problems!

Wear all three at the same time and conquer all your problems at once!


Wear of Carry (Free Bag provided) to Cleanse Yourself of all Curses, or Spells on you
Use these powerful blessed brooms to get rid of all of your unwanted conditions and situations.
  • Fixes your problems so that you can be cleansed of all blocks, jinxes, or evil conditions that are stopping you from being healthy, wealthy, and happy in love.
  • Moves evil out of you, your home, and surroundings so that your body, mind, and soul can be at peace.
  • You can finally rest easy.
Protects you from all evil, harm, and spells or curses on you. Suffer no more! 


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