How To Promote Peace In The Home Kit


If things are bad in your home, this kit should help and bring peace and love into your home. Relax and be tranquil again, stop the fussing and fighting. Kill evil and promote peace.

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If you are experiencing bad vibes, Negative enery and just bad mood swings with your love ones and/or someone living in your home. Using the Marie Laveau Kit will be able to give you everything that you need to get out the bad and negative energy that is surrounding your home and the people in your home. This kit should bring you Peace, Serenity, Love, Happiness, Great Vibes and Energy. Relax and be comfortable again, stop the fussing and fighting. Promote Peace and Tranquility!

This kit comes with the following:
Peace Water (A1620)
John the Conqueror (D1060)
Helping Hand Incense (D1055)
Peace Powder (P1110)
Bend Over Oil (X1032)
White Votive Candles (C1514)
Easy to follow instructions and directions. 

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