Person Who Wishes To Be Uncrossed


Crossed up? Stop suffering from jinx and crossed conditions that have been put on you by negative forces and evil enemies. This kit can help you by removing the crosses and jinx. Be free and stop confusion. Get your life back!

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Crossed up? This kit can help you.

This Kit comes with the following Blessed Items:

King Solomon Root (H0504)
Notre Dame Water (A1619)
John the Conqueror Incense (D1060)
Van Van Floor Wash (A1033)
Seven Day Uncrossing Bath Salt (A1229)
Uncrossing Oil (X1532)
Jockey Club Cologne (A1611)
Uncrossing Powder (P1150)
Nine Green Blessed Household Candles (C1155)
Household Candle Holders (M1015)

and easy to follow directions and instructions!  


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